Over Roofing

SCS Roofing Industrial RoofingOver-Roofing can be applied to most types of pitched and flat roofs. The advantage of over roofing is that the original roof remains in place to provide weather protection, whilst a proprietary grid system is installed to support the new profiled steel sheeting.

Modern over sheeting solutions take less time to fit than a new roof. They give you all the benefits of a new roof at a greatly reduced cost and with less disruption to the client.

SCS Roofing - Over Roofing SussexWhilst Goosewing Grey is recommended from the range of colours available for the roof sheeting different colour flashings can be fitted to provide a contrast and improve the aesthetics of the building.

Over roofing also provides an ideal opportunity to incorporate additional insulation, thereby reducing heat loss and solar gain through the roof. We recommend that any existing rooflights are replaced prior to the over-sheeting being fitted.

SCS Roofing - Over Roofing KentNew translucent rooflights would then be fitted into the over-roofing above the existing rooflights so that as much natural light as possible can be retained. Over roofing is a very successful method of giving an old building a new lease of life.

Over Roofing Projects

During August 2018 we carried out an over-roofing to a factory roof in Worthing, West Sussex.
New single skin plastisol coated steel sheeting was fixed onto new spacer purlins that were fitted over the old roof.
New 200mm thickness Rockwool insulation was laid between the 2 no. roofs to help regulate the temperature within the building.
The wall between the 2 no. roof levels was also sheeted over to ensure the area was effectively sealed.
New rooflights were fitted over the existing rooflights to provide natural light.
The roof was finished off with new purpose manufactured contrasting coloured flashings.
The gutters adjoined next doors building so were coated using a 2 pack water based flexible coating.
The pipes and flues were sealed with new ski-slope flashings and rubberised pipe flashings.
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