Rainham, Essex

We were called in as the gutter was rusted through and leaking very badly. Condensation was also a big issue around the translucent rooflights

Upon inspection, it was noticed that the roof was also badly rusted.

We, therefore, recommended blocking off the existing gutter and fitting a new over-roofing system.

The existing rooflights were changed to new triple skin rooflights to prevent condensation.

A grid system was fitted and new goosewing grey steel sheets were fitted.

An insulation quilt was used to fill the void between the 2 no. roofs.

New translucent rooflights were fitted over the existing rooflights.

The roof was finished with new purpose manufactured green steel flashings.

The roof was designed to go past the existing integral guttering so that a new half round gutter and new down-pipe could be fitted to the outside of the building.

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